Welcome to the Faculty of Agronomy.

Agriculture is part of the learning offerings that have existed since the creation of the University. At the beginning it had only one orientation namely Crop Production. Currently it has three orientations, namely: Crop Production Science, Soil Sciences and Water and Forests. As the province of South Kivu is in a fragile ecology, it is important to deal with soil problems for a sustainable agricultural exploitation and a rational exploitation of the forest in order to counter the effects of climate change.

Among the prospects in terms of training, the department of chemistry and food processing will be organized. With university training policy, members of the academic body are gradually seeing their number increase to meet the major development challenges of agriculture. Since training is the bedrock of agricultural reform in which the Democratic Republic of Congo has recently embarked, the University is playing its role of service to the community through the training of influential agricultural engineers in their field. In order to give added value to foodstuffs and to meet the government’s concern in this field, the Faculty of Agriculture is working on the preparation of a Master’s Degree aimed at teaching the actors of the region, in collaboration with other universities from neighboring countries.

Do you want to benefit from quality teaching, from the expertise of the best lecturers? Do not hesitate. Join other Congolese and international students who are already scripting the basics of their professional future.

Prof Janvier BASHAGALUKE BIGABWA, Dean of Faculty.

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The School of Agricultural Sciences has permanent professors and qualified visitors in Agricultural Economic Entomology, Genetics and Plant Improvement, Soil Science, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry and Nuclear Physics and Computer Science. These professors are attached to other faculties of the University.
The scientific staff of the Faculty is composed of specialists in Virology, Agronomy and Food Processing, Soil fertility and fertilization, Animal Production, Plant Breeding for resistance to diseases who are involved in the Master’s and Doctorate studies. Within the University’s Laboratory for Applied Economics for Development (LAED), the School has researchers in several categories. The practical works are supervised by the Assistant Lecturers under the supervision of the unit holders.

The School has three farms located within 30 km from Bukavu town for a total area of more than 250 ha. The school undertakes the multiplication seeds and the breeding of about sixty cattle heads in these farms. The improvement of grazing is under way to give a good pasture to livestock and provide them with food during the dry season.

Laboratories for Soil and Plant Analysis and Analytical Chemistry are currently functional, as are those for Soil Microbiology, Phytopathology and In Vitro Agriculture.

Funded research projects are in progress in addition to old projects whose results have been beneficial for the advancement of science and the development of agricultural practices of local communities. This includes a project on cassava cloning in African Cassava Mosaic Disease, the dynamics of productive sectors in the province of South Kivu, the VLIR-GIFS and VLIR-inputs projects, the system of intensification of irrigated rice cultivation and the implementation of medium altitude corn germplasm and the production of inoculants to increase the production of legumes. The VLIR CUI is financing a 12-year project on the agronomic aspect of resource management in Kivu as part of post-conflict management.

The School of Agronomy welcomes any candidate holding a Certificate of Secondary Education from any domain in secondary school.

The Faculty of Agronomy is training future agricultural engineers who will be able to deploy in various professional fields of the agricultural sector.