Closing Ceremony

About IUC at UCB

Since 2010, the Catholic University of Bukavu (UCB) has been running an Institutional University Cooperation Program (IUC) entitled “Resource management in Kivu in the context of post-conflict reconstruction”. This program was funded by VLIR-UOS (Vlaasme Interuniversitaire Raad or Flemish Interuniversity Council) between 2010 and 2022. In a context of post-conflict reconstruction of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Catholic University of Bukavu and some Flemish universities (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Universiteit Antwerpen and Universiteit Gent) have worked on solutions in order to improving the economic and social situation, specially through scientific research and training of teaching staff. Four major projects were implemented: Improvement of the profitability of cassava-based cropping systems; Center of Expertise in Mining Management in South Kivu (CEGEMI); Specialization in Medicine for a medical staff in health problems in conflict situations; Institutional strengthening of UCB.

The IUC program intended to make UCB a benchmark institution in the management of problems aggravated or caused by the post-conflict situation. The program consisted of the four projects mentioned above and a Management Unit, a structure that operates between UCB and KU Leuven in order to facilitate project implementation.

VLIR-UOS supports partnerships between universities and university colleges, in Flanders and in the South, in search of innovative responses to global and local challenges. It stimulates cooperation projects between professors, researchers and lecturers and awards grants to students and professionals from Flanders and from the South. Finally, it contributes to the strengthening of higher education in the South and to the internationalization of higher education in Flanders, which is relevant for development.

Organizing Committee

Wenceslas Busane Ruhana Mirindi
Local Coordinator & President of the Commission

Benoît Neméry de Bellevaux
North Coordinator & Responsible of the Scientific Committee

Wivine Munyahali
Member of Project 1 & Scientific Committee

Jean-Claude Lukuli Petemoya
IUC Management Unit & Logistic

Emmanuel Akuzwe Bigosi
Member of Projet 4 & Communication

Jocelyne Murhonyi Ntwali
International Cooperation & Reporter

Keynote Speakers

Jean B. Nachega, MD, PhD, MPH, FRCP, FAAS

Topic: “The Collide of COVID-19 with HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria in sub-Saharan Africa

Topic: ”La pollution des cours d’eau par les activités minières en R.D. Congo : défi pour les générations futures ?

Prof. Andre Pascal Kengne Prof. Andre Pascal Kengne

Topic: ”The challenges of diabetes mellitus in Africa (Les défis du diabète sucré en Afrique)”

Dr. Sanginga NTERANYA Dr. Sanginga NTERANYA

Topic:Food security: The key role of researchTopic: ”Food security: The key role of research