Understand the meaning of our logo  and use it the right way

It consists of a sun at its zenith carrying the acronym UCB, in a blue sky, enlightening the mountains overhanging Lake Kivu, an open book and two banana leaves. On a red background, the top of the armory carries the caption “UNIVERSITE CATHOLIQUE DE BUKAVU” in white and at the bottom, the motto “Super Lacus Ac Montes Splendens“.

The logo of Université Catholique de Bukavu illustrates its motto “shining above lakes and mountains“.  Above the lakes and the mountainous Kivu, the University is represented by a sun shining on a peaceful environment under the clouds of peace. It illustrates the major reason for the creation of the University in the Kivu region, once isolated from major educational institutions and forced to send its children sometimes more than 2000 km away. The University shines in its quest for excellence in education, research and community services.

The logo of Université Catholique de Bukavu is unique, in colour (positive), except when the monochrome version is used for black and white prints or to personalise images shared on social media. It is presented in its vertical form. On an A4 document, for official correspondence, its sizes are: 2.13 cm high and 2.18 cm wide (inches: 0.84 width 0.86 height). The size can be adapted to other documents and media provided that the enlargement is made from the corners so as not to distort the original scopes and give it an irregular shape.

When used on social media, on websites and on documents of Faculties, Research Centres, Schools and Institutes, it remains unchanged in its sizes unless it needs to be enlarged. In this case, other inscriptions can be added at the top or next to it without changing the initial elements. It may be used by the University’s partners, subject to joint authorisation under collaboration agreements. Its use for purposes other than research, teaching and community service in which the University is not a partner is subject to the express permission of the Board of Directors.