We are Students of the Catholic University of Bukavu, founding members and working within the “Santé pour Tous, Asbl” platform

According to Article 37 of the Constitution in force, relating to freedom of association and the law laying down general dispositions applicable to non-profit associations and public utility establishments,

Considering that the World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as a state of complete well-being: physical, mental, social and not only the absence of any infirmity.

Considering that the third Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) states that we must maintain healthy lives for all and at all ages.

We are unanimous that in this context, “Santé pour Tous, Asbl” platform must aim at ensuring that every human being has access to quality health care.

Having regard to the principle that all sciences must serve the humanity, a scientific framework must work to guarantee and promote sound health for the population. Therefore, the different areas contribute to strategic stability to maintain the humanitarian conditions in the well-being. First of all, health professionals, being at the center of the promotion of health care, especially primary health care, must interact with pioneers from other disciplines including agronomists, environmental experts, Architectural Engineers, advocates of human rights, … so that together they establish standards to be followed for the implementation of preventive and curative measures with regard not only to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) but also to those non sexually transmitted which become increasingly a public health problem.

In view of the above, the health professional by interacting with agronomists will fight against pathologies linked to food and nutritional factors such as malnutrition. The environmentalist also has a role to play because he intervenes in the fight against problems of global warming, the protection of the ecosystem, the management of waste, etc. Architectural engineers intervene in favor of a healthy habitat, they fight against anarchic constructions leading to erosions, floods, fires, etc.  Human rights defenders, sociologists, etc. must interact in conflict resolution and apply reconciliation as well as the promotion of pacifism for lasting peace. This interaction has an impact on both socio-economic area and the health of the population. Many other examples of interactions between health and science remain unspecified here. SDG 3 as mentioned above remains a broad field where everyone is called upon to bring their contribution. The community must be informed of preventive measures at first place to try to decrease the rate of disease frequency, but also health professionals are urged to offer effective care to their patients.


Encourage all disciplines to do their part in promoting sound health for the whole community.



1. Implement strategies allowing the population to access quality health care,

2. Organize sensitization sessions with the population so that they are informed of the various means of disease prevention and family planning,

3. Advocate with the administrative political authorities for the improvement of the health system and the management of chronic non-communicable diseases,

4. Form mixed teams that may be able to define strategies to protect and promote the concept of health for all,

5. Carry out research on the prevalence of infectious and parasitic diseases in our tropical region and recommend some preventive measures,

6. Inform the population about the impact of processed organic industrial and agrifood products on human health,

7. Protect the health of albinos against any threat,

8. Fight against gender-based violence.



A world of innovation based on scientific knowledge to serve humanity and youth solidarity.

– On January 31, 2019, in collaboration with the Provincial Minister of Health, Social Affairs, Gender, Children, Humanitarian Affairs, spokesperson for the provincial government of South Kivu.

 “Santé pour Tous, Asbl” participated in a conference under the theme: “Health funding: Issues and perspectives for universal health coverage in South Kivu” at the Regional Peace Center / Rio Nguba. At the end of this meeting, some recommendations were sent to all participants so that the success of universal health coverage can be effective and multisectoral. “Santé pour Tous, Asbl” has decided to sensitize students to massively join the mutual health insurance.

– Scientific day on Universal Health Coverage (UHC) on June 07, 2019 at Stanislas Haumont Campus

Conference under the theme: student health coverage “University: Unit of membership in mutual health insurance”

Students are going through a problem of accessing quality health care, as some universities and higher institutes do not initiate the health insurance service. Taking into account the vision of the SDGs 2030, the goal is to “empower people to live healthy lives and promote the well-being of all and at all ages”. It influences our vision. “University: Unit of Students Membership in Mutual Health insurance,” a motto to sensitize all students in Bukavu Town to massive membership and finally to popularize universal health coverage and reduce the prevalence of diseases.

Student health coverage has a positive impact on the development of the health system in social security because the education sector is formal and contributions are easy to recover at source. The more the health mutual has a large number of members, the more the insurance will be well guaranteed. In fact, we intend to strengthen strategies in collaboration with REMUSACO, without forgetting the partnership that we have always sought from the National Alliance of Christian Mutuality, and from our academic authorities so that our motto “Science and humanity, health for all” can go towards an acceptable threshold.

Our thanks to Mrs. Françoise Vervoort of the National Alliance of Christian Mutuality who has always received our correspondences and has answered us favorably within an acceptable time frame. We also thank Dr. Abbé Gérard, executive secretary of REMUSACO Asbl, Mr. Pascal KATABANA and other people of good will who are supporting us.

– On March 23, 2020, “Santé pour Tous, Asbl” is authorized to operate as a student association of the Catholic University of Bukavu.

– On April 25, 2020, “Santé pour Tous, Asbl” launched a project to identify tumor diseases and lobby for care.

Identification of:

a) submandibular tumors in collaboration with WAZEE WETU platform (WAWE Asbl), Youth Actions for Health of needy  in Rural Areas (ASVR.Asbl),  CIRIRI Dr. Rau General Hospital and the Provincial General Referral Hospital of Bukavu (HPGRB),

b) Brain tumors in collaboration with the Provincial General Referral Hospital of Bukavu (HPGRB) and Youth Actions for Health of needy in Rural Areas (ASVR Asbl)

c) Albino skin tumors



– Official launch of the “Stop AIDS University” project on August 29, 2020 at Karhale Campus in collaboration with the National Multisectoral AIDS Control Program (PNMLS) under the theme “University youth against HIV-AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI)”.

santepourtous.asr@ucbukavu.ac.cd  /  santepourtous.asr@gmail.com

(+243) 977 807 828

MUSHAGALUSA MAPENDANO Emmanuel, Coordinator.

KABURHO LENGHE Collette, Deputy Coordinator.