Remain one of the top five universities in the Democratic Republic of Congo and one of the top 100 in continental Africa by 2025.


In 1989, when the Catholic University of Bukavu was founded, its pioneers were greatly inspired by the desire to provide appropriate solutions to the problems of Kivu. As a University, it had to make a laborious and critical contribution to the safeguarding and development of human dignity and cultural heritage through research, teaching and the various services offered to local, national and international communities.

Meet Our Rector



Rector, Catholic University of Bukavu, DRCongo

Our Leadership

The Archdiocese of Bukavu is the organizing authority of the Catholic University of Bukavu. It rules through the Grand Chancellor who consults for this purpose his bodies in accordance with canons 495 and 502. It is the College of Consultors and the Council of Priests. The Archdiocese ensures the good functioning, the good administrative and financial climate as well as the progress of the University. In respect of religious freedom, it ensures that Catholic doctrine and morals are safeguarded within the University. It is the guarantor of the ethical values that must be observed within the University.
The headquarters of the Archdiocese of Bukavu is located on Mbaki Avenue in Ibanda District, in the premises of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace in Bukavu.