The Main Library is a technical service of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor in charge of Academic Affairs. Its mission is to acquire, preserve and disseminate the information contained therein.

The beginning of the library

The history of the Central Library is linked to that of the University. At its creation on 21 November 1989, the library was gradually established. The first books were acquired during the academic year 1990 and immediately recorded and stored in the Central Library.

A very important service for teaching and research

Quality teaching is only possible if the student can access information and new knowledge in real time. When a high-quality library is available, the professor may reasonably request the production of students and avoid retention teaching. A student will certainly complete and understand his or her grades better if he or she has consulted the books that fit with the lessons learned. An indigestible course therefore becomes more intelligible after many readings in connection with it. In short, without a quality library, an academic would not assimilate the subjects taught, would give back to the teachers by heart the received notions. To avoid this practice, a diligent student naturally connects to a library and modern servers, such as the Internet, in which it thinks to find the type of information necessary to make intelligible and accessible a notion at first seemingly hermetic.
Finally, a viable university disseminates scientific information through student publications and research. It is the Library, as a conservatory and broadcaster of knowledge, that puts at their reach the necessary tools for education.

Adequate organization for greater usefulness

The Main Library has two types of staff:

– scientific staff: a Director and a Librarian.

The Director has the rank of a Professor. He puts the Main Library in contact with the outside scientific world.
The Main Librarian is responsible, under the authority of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor in charge of academic affairs or Director, for the management, conservation and development of the Central Library. He also supervises the different departments within the Main Library.

– Administrative managers or library assistants
• stick the sides to the back of the books;
• store books on shelves;
• maintain order on the shelves;
• manage the on-site and home lending service;
• recover books and other documents borrowed.

The library opens from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. From Monday to Friday, a special service is organized from 4 pm to 8 pm and every Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm.

Terms of Access
To access the different services of the Main Library one should just have to hold a student card or a service card of the University. An annual subscription of 10 USD is required to external subscribers.

Accessibility to documents
There are two ways to access the documents at the library: direct or free access and indirect or controlled access. The Main library uses the indirect or controlled access. This way is good and offers a major advantage which is that it does not allow subscribers withdraw many books at once. Anyway, the librarian must make sure that he communicates with the subscribers and make the manual or electronic catalog available to subscribers. The Dewey decimal classification is used at the Main Library.

The documentary collection
The Main library has more than 40,268 books. The books of Economics, Law and Social Sciences can be accessed at BUGABO and KALAMBO campuses. Those of Agronomy, Computer Science, Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Architecture are placed at the KARHALE Campus. One can also access documents related to Medicine at Stanislas Haumont Campus. The Main Library of the University is hybrid, it has electronic and hard documents.