Green Community Expertise Office (GCEO)

Comfort in a healthy environment at a low price

The Green Community Expertise Office is a spin-off of the Catholic University of Bukavu which was created on May 8, 2020. It is one of the aftermaths of the training on Photovoltaic Energy offered within the framework of “Bukavu, Green Community as pioneers of an integral and sustainable development in Democratic Republic of the Congo” project initiated by the Sant’Egidio Community in partnership with the Polytechnic University of Turin and the Catholic University of Bukavu (UCB). The training was offered to engineers by education and profession.

The Green Community Expertise Office is made up of 13 electricians, mechanicals, computer scientists and civil engineers who form an unabridged team to reflect, conduct studies and audit, innovate, create, design, dimension and execute engineering projects which are more particularly focused on photovoltaic energy (Solar Energy) and more generally on electrical energy transformed from clean and renewable sources.

To date, we can justify our experience for photovoltaic setups of around 50kWp in South Kivu.

Great Lakes countries, the Democratic Republic of Congo and more particularly Bukavu town are facing a problem of underdevelopment linked to the lack of infrastructure, electrical energy, access to potable water. Our main concern is development in a healthy and sustainable environment.

Global warming, the preservation of the environment is a question that concerns everyone. The African continent is no exception.

Moreover, the biggest challenge for an engineer today is to bring all his innovative and ingenious ideas while producing the least possible greenhouse effect, thus helping to fight against global warming.

No more amateurism for our energy comfort and security in our environments. Green Community Expertise Office believes in the ability of engineers and the versatility of its team to provide solutions to problems of comfort and energy security for a healthy living environment where life is good.

The Scientific and Technical expertise of the Green Community Expertise Office is made available to individuals, decision-makers and the national and international public for:

– Design and dimension photovoltaic installations connected to the existing network or isolated;

If you are not satisfied with the electrical energy of public lines, if you want to make the electricity supply to your house or your workplace independent, you will necessarily go through a design and sizing of your installation. Choose GCEO to provide you with the most suitable, economical and comfortable installation plan for your work and your lifestyle.

– Run photovoltaic installations and apparatus running on electricity;

Choose GCEO for modern, safe and sustainable technicality. You want a whole new photovoltaic installation, you want to install simple or sophisticated devices, a water heater, air conditioners, a surveillance device, a motion detector, projectors, etc.? GCEO will put its entire team and expertise at your disposition for express and careful work.

– Maintain and keep electrical installations and apparatus;

Is your installation more than 3 years old? You absolutely need maintenance. It is essential to implement a maintenance process for electrical installations and equipment in order to ensure their reliability. Even when everything seems to be working properly, maintenance is necessary to preserve a good level of performance and prevent the risk of malfunction. Choose GCEO for efficient maintenance to avoid hasty breakdowns, for your safety and to remain compliant with standards and legal obligations.

– Audit and control the compliance of installations, report on the energy performance of structures and installations, write specifications relating to energy projects;

The energy audit consists of a detailed analysis of the energy performance of your home or workplace. GCEO will visit your work or living environment, collect data for the analysis of the facilities in your environment, then produce a plan or report with recommendations for more comfort and safety in your home or work environment. After an energy audit, and following the auditor’s instructions, you can safely start or correct your installations.

GCEO is not limited to the utilization of photovoltaic energy, we also exploit all renewable energies, according to their availability and / or the preference of the user.

We have just completed the Study phase (audit and dimensioning) of a 15 kWp photovoltaic installation for the Wima High School, 15 kWp for the Catholic University of Bukavu (UCB) at UCB Mulindwa campus and 40 kWp at the Sant’Egidio Peace Center in Bukavu. We also conducted a feasibility study for Floribert Bwana Chuyi School in Goma. Implementations of all three are stuck due to the COVID-19 pandemic but will be possible very soon.

Physical Address: 02 Bugabo, Av. Mission, Kadutu District, Bukavu – DRCongo


Phone: +243 991 987 107

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