Welcome to the Faculty of sciences of the Catholic University of Bukavu!

The Faculty of sciences was created in 2003 and started operating with the department of Computer Science. It was created to satisfy the need of producing highly qualified graduates in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Kivu.

Since then, the Faculty manages to diversify its teaching offers by creating others departments and faculties like:

The department of Environmental Sciences (since 2015-2016 academic year)
The faculty of Networking and Telecommunication.

In order to broaden its teaching offer, the strategic managers of the Catholic University of Bukavu are already studying the feasibility of a Department of Applied Mathematics with a technical diploma in Statics and a Bachelor’s degree in Modeling.

Currently, the Faculty of Sciences consist of the Department of Computer Science which trains computer engineers and the Department of Environmental Sciences (already in its fifth year of existence) which will form its first generation of qualified scientists in the study-action pairing on the environment matter.

By integrating the Faculty of Sciences, we can guarantee you good material and practical learning conditions, a rich documentation and a fruitful career at the end of studies. With us, the eastern regions of the Democratic Republic of the Congo will no longer be doomed to difficulty in their multiple needs for scientific expertise. Our certificates (diplomas) will open doors to excellence in the profession because the future belongs to the New Information and Communication Technologies and the happiness of posterity lies in the preservation of the environment. We are waiting for you.

Prof. Dr. Fabrice Amisi Muvundja, Dean of Faculty.

  • Management Informatics
  • Networking and Telecommunication

Dean of school: Prof. Dr. Fabrice Amisi Muvundja

Lecturer: Ass. Joviane Birindwa

Administrative secretary: Jean de Dieu Nyakasane.

The academic and scientific body consist of twelve (12) members, three (3) of them being professors and nine (9) assistant lecturers with four (4) pursuing PhD. This permanent and relatively small team is largely supported by the commitment and collaboration of several highly qualified visiting professors from around the globe (UNILU, UNIKIN, UNIKIS, UB-Burundi, UCAC, Yaoundé 1, MIT-Boston, KDG, UCL, ULB …)

Given that the theoretical courses offered in the various branches of the School of Sciences require practical supplements, it has a modern laboratory with a capacity of 150 students and a broadband internet connection. For the Department of Environmental Sciences several partnerships exist between the School and the actors involved in the promotion of the environment (Ecological Museum of South Kivu, CRSN-Lwiro, INERA-Mulungu, etc.).

The School of Sciences welcomes any individual holding a Certificate of Secondary Education, regardless of the course followed.

After graduating from the School of Sciences, the graduate is empowered with the knowledge and skills to pursue the following opportunities in the institution of his choice: Programmer Analyst, Expert in Networks and Telecommunication, Expert in Environmental Sciences (study of environmental impacts, design of environmental projects in general).