The Provincial General Referral Hospital of Bukavu (HPGRB)

Founded in 1929, this hospital is one of the oldest in the region. Its official address is: 2, Avenue Michombero, Kadutu, Bukavu. It is precisely situated at 900 m from the Place de l’Indépendence, 2 km from the Bugabo Campus and 3.1 km from the Karhale Campus. The HPGRB, which served as a state hospital in the former Kivu province of Maniema, North-Kivu and South-Kivu, remains the largest health facility in the region. When the Catholic University of Bukavu was founded in 1989, HPGRB’s potential to accompany the new Faculty of Medicine as teaching hospital was evident. After negotiations with the Congolese State, an agreement was reached to transfer the management of the hospital to the Archbisdom of Bukavu (founder of the University). A first agreement was signed for 25 years, and it has been recently renewed for another period of 25 years.

The HPGRB is the training center for our medical students and residents. It houses the Stanislas Haumont building complex, where teachings of the Faculty of Medicine and of the Regional School of Public Health (ERSP) are organized.

The hospital collaborates closely with the University, with many of its staff also being appointed as academics. An agreement that was signed between the hospital and the university. The following departments are currently organized:

  • Gynecology & Obstetrics
  • Internal Medicine & Imaging
  • Medical Biology & Pathology
  • Pediatrics
  • Surgery
  • Specialities: Dermatology, ENT, Ophtalmology,

For more information, please click on the following link: Provincial General Referral Hospital of Bukavu.

To reach the Emergency Department, call (+243) 843 520 357.

University Medical Center

A medical center specifically destined for students is available on the Kalambo campus (13 km from the Provincial General Referral Hospital of Bukavu, HPGRB). It has been established to help students who live at Kalambo students’ residence or those who are attending lectures on the campus to receive primary health care, when needed.

A nurse is continuously available at the medical center, and is being supervised by a medical doctor, based at HPGRB.

During very important activities in Kalambo, the Emergency services of the Provincial General Referral Hospital of Bukavu usually set a mobile clinic on the site.

First aid kits are also available on other campuses for emergency response prior to transfer to hospital.

For more information
Visit the website of the Provincial General Referral Hospital of Bukavu.

Emergency Department.
Call (+243) 843 520 357.