The Catholic University of Bukavu provides accommodation facilities to students on its different campuses. It currently has a residence for male students on the Karhale Campus and another on the Kalambo Campus. These residences are only accessible to male students. Accommodation for female students is organized within and by the Olame Center near the Bugabo Campus.

Students apply for accommodation under the following conditions set by the Social Service:
– be a regularly enrolled student at the Catholic University of Bukavu;
– have cleared all due fees the previous academic year (for former tenants)
– send, as of 01 September, an application letter to the Social Service of the Catholic University of Bukavu;
– fill out a form available at the Social Service office, prior to the payment of the amount required at the University’s central office at the Bugabo Campus;
– solemnly agree to respect the rules of the residence.

The residence in Karhale mainly hosts first year students. For 2019-2020 academic year the annual rent is 60 USD payable in one installment.

The residence in Kalambo allows continuing (non-first-year) students to live there without having to return to Bukavu city center. The annual rent is set at 200 USD, payable in 10 installments. This residence has a hosting capacity of 107 students.

The residence in Bugabo is exclusively for female students. It is owned by the Olame Center, a diocesan initiative for development. It is the Center which sets the following conditions for housing:

– be a regularly enrolled student at UCB;
– send a written application to the Director of the Olame Center;
– complete, after approval of the Director, a form available at the Center’s offices;
– file the form and a proof of payment, in one installment, of 450 USD, the equivalent of ten (10) months rent, from October to July;
– solemnly agree to respect the rules of the residence.

For further information, please contact the Head of the Housing Commission of the Social Department of the Catholic University of Bukavu.
The Catholic University of Bukavu thanks you for your trust in its services!

Other possibilities for accommodation exist from private people who put to rent rooms or apartments near the University campuses. Rent contracts are then made privately with the owners without the involvement of University services.


The Karhale Campus has no restaurant but there is a mini-market (on the ground floor of the Lurhuma building) where refreshments are available every working day from 08:00 to 17:00.
Similarly, on the Kalambo Campus there is no organized university restaurant but private points of food (snacks and fruits) selling (operational every working day from 08:00 to 17:00).

At the teaching hospital, a restaurant is operational every day from 12:00 until 20:00. You can, by reservation or by physical presence, get a meal and a refreshment in this restaurant.

The Olame Center student residence has a restaurant which is also accessible to non-residents. Throughout the City of Bukavu and surroundings, you can always find numerous points where snacks or fruits are being sold.

Toussaint B. Bachishoga, Head of Social Services
E-mail :
Tel.: (+243) 99 83 37 50 3,
(+243) 85 03 31 11 6,
(+243) 81 72 44 46 4