As a non-profit association, the Catholic University of Bukavu is an effort entirely dedicated to serving the community. Created to meet the needs in terms of expertise in fundamental areas at local and regional level, it now offers courses with a direct impact on all sectors of life. From the doctor who heals us to the lawyer who defends our cases, from the agronomist who guarantees the future of our plants to the economist who watches over our finances, from the computer scientist who brings us closer to new technologies to the communicator who maintains our social network, the daily life of the community is our first concern.

Given its social importance, in order to contribute to its quality education and thus help the best students with financial problems, the University channels support from all over the globe to support scholarships managed by the social service. It also organizes a scholarship of excellence for the students who have obtained the highest merit after an academic year.

Therefore, it needs the contributions of each of us to achieve its goals. That’s why the University comes to solicit your attention to this project which is beneficial to young people through your various donations. You can sponsor a student of your choice in the social service database or sponsor an annual promotion by making a large donation. The University will allow you to exchange with the said promotion and thus offer it as a thank you to wear your name.

But you can also send your donations to our registered office at Bugabo No. 02, Mission Av., Kadutu, Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo.

More than twenty-five years at your service, the Catholic University of Bukavu thanks you for your generosity!

To support us, you can also buy the products with the logo of the University (T-Shirt, Polos, Caps, etc) as well as other products of the farm.
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Bank accounts available for all bank transfers.

BCDC BANK: Université Catholique de Bukavu | 00170-0361774-80

RAW BANK: Université Catholique de Bukavu | 05170-01013857601-47

KBC Bank: Université Catholique de Bukavu | 439-7951851-78