Welcome to the Faculty of Economics and Management.

The Faculty of Economics and Management is one of the first Faculties offered to the population of Kivu by the Catholic University of Bukavu. Given the importance of the economy, considered as the driving force of society, it was necessary to provide the region with qualified individuals who are able to work and innovate in order to transform the lives of fellow citizens. With us, you will develop very advanced skills both in theory and in practice in Rural Economy, Financial Management and Management of Small and Medium Enterprises.

In postgraduate program, you will benefit from the necessary tools in Management Sciences, particularly in Financial Management, Marketing and Strategy, Small and Medium Enterprise Management and Micro-finance Institutions Management. The pinnacle being the PhD in Economics which will make you a highly needed expert locally and internationally. In few months, you could also have a Master’s degree in Natural Resource Management as well as in Devolution and Development.

We guarantee you good conditions of study, documentary research and internship through our huge network of entrepreneurial partnerships. Our teaching is designed to prepare you for a successful career. The alumni of our Faculty of Economics and Management are ranked among the best by employers in the region.

Therefore, do not hesitate. Join the great community of the Faculty of Economics and Management  of the Catholic University of Bukavu.

Prof Janvier KILOSHO BURAYE, Dean of Faculty.

The School of Economics and Management of the catholic University of Bukavu organizes three levels:

  • Stage one: G1, G2 and G3 (3-year degree)
  • Stage two: L1 and L2 (2-year program after G3), it offers Rural Economy, Financial Management, and SMEs Management.
  • Stage three: (postgraduate) Master’s Degree in Management of Natural Resources; Devolution and Development; DEA in Management Sciences (Marketing, SMEs Management); PhD in Economics.

The office of the School of Economics consists of:

  • Dean of the School
  • Lecturer
  • Administrative secretary
  • Lecturers and assistants body

The academic and scientific body consists of ten (10) professors, nine (9) Lecturers and Assistant lecturers. It also receives and hires professors from other universities in the country and abroad.

As material resources, two research centers are attached to the School of Economics: the Laboratory of Applied Economics for Development (LAED) and the Center of Expertise in Mining Sector Management (CEGEMI).

At the first and second stage, the program is aimed at high school graduates with an interest in studying Economics and Management. The master’s program is aimed at candidates who got their degree in Economics and Management or related fields with at least 65% and an average of at least 60% at the first and second stage.

Studies in Economics and Management lead to a wide choice of jobs in the private and public sectors (commerce, communication, development, energy, environment, finance, real estate, transport, management of health institutions, tourism, research, teaching …).

The graduate can devote himself to teaching and research by leading a team of learners and researchers, conducting extensive quantitative analysis, writing studies, forecasting and explaining fluctuations in economic phenomena. The Master’s degree in Management opens the door to the PhD in Economics.